Pakistan vs South Africa , 2nd Test Live Cricket Scores

Pakistan vs South Africa , 2nd Test , Live Cricket Scores , live cricket match, bd cricket #livecricketbd

Pakistan vs South Africa , 2nd Test Live Cricket Scores
Pakistan vs South Africa , 2nd Test Live Cricket Scores
Pakistan vs South Africa , 1st T20, Live Cricket Scores

A very good session of Test match cricket but three wickets means Pakistan will be pleased with their performance. They got the big wicket of de Kock early and after a bit of resistance shown by the Protea batters, they have taken two more to give themselves a chance of taking a decent lead in this game.

Maharaj has been given out LBW! He calls for the review straightaway. That looked to be going down the leg side. Let's see the replays. Ultra Edge first. No bat. Here comes the Ball Tracker. Missing! By a big margin. The decision is changed.
2nd Test, Rawalpindi, Thursday 4th February, 8:00 AM
pakistan Score / 272 & 298 (102.0)
South Africa
South Africa Score / 201 & 274 (91.4)
Pakistan beat South Africa by 95 runs

Match Info

Match: 2nd Test
Venue: Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium, Rawalpindi, 2021
Date & Time: 4th February, 8:00 AM
Series: South Africa in Pakistan, 2 Test Series, 2021
Weather: Bright and Sunny
Toss: Pakistan elected to bat
Umpires: Ahsan Raza (PAK), Aleem Dar (PAK) and Asif Yaqoob (PAK)
Referee: Mohammad Javed (PAK)
Player of the Match

Dream11 Recommended XI: Dean Elgar, Azhar Ali, Faheem Ashraf, Mohammad Rizwan, Yasir Shah, Babar Azam, Anrich Nortje, Kagiso Rabada, Keshav Maharaj, Hasan Ali, Shaheen Afridi

Captain: Keshav Maharaj Vice-Captain: Yasir Shah

My11Circle Recommended XI: Dean Elgar, Azhar Ali, Faheem Ashraf, Mohammad Rizwan, Yasir Shah, Babar Azam, Anrich Nortje, Kagiso Rabada, Keshav Maharaj, Hasan Ali, Shaheen Afridi
Captain: Keshav Maharaj Vice-Captain: Yasir Shah

South Africa 1st innings

c Mohammad Rizwan b Hasan Ali

OUT! CAUGHT BEHIND! What a delivery! He was asking questions from the start and he has been finally rewarded. Pakistan get the important breakthrough. Good length ball around off, moves slightly away from Elgar. Elgar pokes at it but gets an outside edge back to Rizwan who makes no mistake. Just the start that Pakistan needed. South Africa are 246 runs behind.

c Shaheen Afridi b Nauman Ali

OUT! CAUGHT AT MID ON! What are South Africa doing? They are crumbling big time and it is an important breakthrough for Pakistan. Poor shot and excellent bowling from Nauman Ali! Flatter ball on middle, Markram looks to work it on the leg side but it spins away a touch. It takes the top edge and goes towards mid on where Shaheen Afridi takes a simple catch. South Africa are in a big spot of bother.

b Hasan Ali

OUT! TIMBER! What a ball! Hasan Ali is on fire and he is putting South Africa under pressure. Rassie van der Dussen cannot believe it as he just sits there in disbelief! Back of a length ball around middle, van der Dussen looks to defend but the ball keeps a little low and beats the bat. It uproots the off stump and Pakistan go up in celebration. Wow, terrific stuff.

c Mohammad Rizwan b Faheem Ashraf
OUT! CAUGHT BEHIND! Faheem Ashraf did it with the bat and now does it with the ball! He is having a wonderful game and he sends back the dangerous, Faf du Plessis. Back of a length ball outside off, du Plessis looks to punch it off the back foot but does not move his feet. It takes the outside edge and goes to the right of the keeper. Rizwan dives to that side and takes a very good catch. South Africa trail by 217 runs.
b Shaheen Afridi
OUT! DRAGGED ON! Afridi gets the big fish. Big inside edge and de Kock is a gonner. He wanted to attack from the start again but it has cost him his wicket here. Afridi is pumped. A length ball wide outside off, de Kock without any feet movement goes for the drive away from his body. He ends up getting a big inside edge that rattles his timbers. Early success for Afridi and Pakistan. Shake of the head from the Protea skipper as he walks off in disappointment.
run out (Shaheen Afridi / Mohammad Rizwan)
OUT! RUN OUT! Oh, dear! Mulder is a gonner! The square leg umpire doesn't even need the third umpire. There was never two there but Mulder wanted it. It was his call but he has to go. A fullish ball on middle and leg from Hasan. Mulder flicks it little right of Afridi at fine leg. They take the first one but Mulder wants two. He took the first one in a hurry and returned for the second. However, Afridi returned a perfect throw to the keeper, right over the stumps. Rizwan collects and takes the bails off. An appeal and given out by the square leg umpire. Sensational work from Afridi. A massive breakthrough for them. Poor from Mulder as he has thrown it away after a bright start.
b Hasan Ali
OUT! TIMBER! BOOM GOES HASAN! He gets his revenge. He is fired up and why wouldn't be. Linde was playing a valuable knock for South Africa. It is the slower one from Hasan. The off-cutter that has done the job for him. He bowled it wide in this over and Linde went after the ball. This time he rolls the fingers on this one. Linde looks to flick but misses. The ball kisses his pad and then the woodwork behind gets destroyed. A handy innings from Linde is over. Wicket number 3 for Hasan in this game.
b Hasan Ali
OUT! Cleaned up! Hasan is elated! What a sight for the fast bowler. Bowls a length ball around middle and gets it to tail slightly into Maharaj. Keshav goes for the drive but leaves a big gap between bat and pad. The ball sneaks through it and the middle pole is pegged back.

Pakistan 1st innings

c Quinton de Kock b Keshav Maharaj
OUT! Taken this time! Quinton de Kock makes no mistake. Beautiful flight from Maharaj as he drops a tossed up ball full and close to off, Butt is forward in defense but it kisses the outside edge and goes behind. Quinton shows good reflexes and grabs it safely. Butt survived a little while back but fails to make any use of that life. Keshav is enjoying himself on this surface, getting good spin and bounce.
c Aiden Markram b Anrich Nortje
OUT! Wicket number three and it's an outstanding reflex catch by Aiden Markram at short leg. Stunner! Nortje spears in a back of a length ball on middle and hurries up the batsman with his extra pace and bounce (146 kph). Abid goes on the back foot and tries to fend it away. But it takes the inner half of his bat, clips his thigh pad and lobs towards Markram who keeps his eyes on the ball and snaps it with his right hand. Superbly done. South Africa are roaring at the moment.
lbw b Keshav Maharaj
OUT! Azhar Ali is a dead duck! Keshav Maharaj is having a memorable morning. This time it's an arm ball which has done the trick. The bowler had let out a few deliveries turning away from the batsman and then suddenly dishes out his variation. Azhar has no idea about it as he just gets forward to defend it with the spin. But to his surprise and bad luck, this one skids on with the angle and strikes him on the front pad. The appeal is made and the umpire has no hesitation in lifting his finger. The Pakistan skipper knows that he is a goner and walks back without even thinking about the DRS. Massive breakthrough for the Saffas.
c Faf du Plessis b Anrich Nortje
OUT! CAUGHT! What a start for South Africa! This is a terrific catch as well from Faf du Plessis at second slip. Babar Azam goes without adding to his overnight score. Brilliant stuff from the visitors. Nortje bowls a back of a length ball outside off, Azam is on his back foot and then looks to punch it through the off side but it takes the outside edge and goes towards du Plessis at second slip. He makes no mistake. Good catch as it was traveling very quickly and Faf du Plessis made it look very easy. But this was a poor shot from Azam, so early in the day.
run out (Temba Bavuma)
OUT! RUN OUT! What a terrific piece of work from Temba Bavuma! Does anyone remember how Bavuma ran out David Warner in Australia a few years back? Bavuma has done it again. He is a brilliant, brilliant fielder. Fawad Alam has to go after playing a decent knock but he needed to continue. Back of a length ball around off, Alam just pushes it to the side of the pitch on the off side and takes off for a single. Temba Bavuma runs ahead from point and then collects, releases the ball quickly towards the non-strikers end. He hits the bulls' eye. The third umpire has been called for. Has Fawad Alam's dive saved him? The replays roll in and they show that it has not as he is short of his crease.
c Kagiso Rabada b Anrich Nortje
OUT! CAUGHT AT FINE LEG! Nortje does the trick with the new ball! Rabada just about manages to take the catch. He is smiling and is relieved that he managed to take it in the end. Short ball around middle, it bounces much higher than Rizwan expected. Rizwan looks to pull but it takes the top edge and goes to fine leg where Rabada is stationed. He does not catch it cleanly but manages to hold onto it in the end. He gives a wry smile. End of a budding partnership. Rizwan is frustrated with himself and throws his gloves in anger after crossing the ropes.
c Dean Elgar b Keshav Maharaj
OUT! CAUGHT AT FIRST SLIP! That's beautifully bowled by Maharaj and he gets the reward! South Africa keep on chipping away with the wickets. Pakistan in slight bother now. Maharaj tosses this one on off, Hasan Ali prods forward to defend but the ball spins away a little. It takes the outside edge and goes towards Elgar at first slip. Elgar makes no mistake and Pakistan are just 3 wickets away from getting bowled out.
c & b Wiaan Mulder
OUT! CAUGHT AND BOWLED! Excellent catch from Wiaan Mulder of his own bowling. 1st wicket in this game for Mulder. End of another budding partnership. Full ball on middle, Shah looks to drive but he is a little early into the shot. It goes uppishly towards the bowler. Mulder dives forward and takes a very good catch. Pakistan 8 down now.
c Aiden Markram b Anrich Nortje
OUT! CAUGHT! Magnificent stuff from Anrich Nortje! Nauman Ali had no idea of that one! Brilliant delivery and Nortje is just one short of a 5-fer. Superb bowling from the speedster. Short ball around middle and leg, it has pace on it as well. Nauman hops and looks to tuck it on the leg side but it goes off the upper half towards short leg where Markram takes a simple catch. Nortje is some bowler.
c Dean Elgar b Anrich Nortje
OUT! CAUGHT AT SILLY POINT! What a ball from Anrich Nortje and he has picked up a 5-fer! He deserves it as he has bowled superbly. Brilliant spell of fast bowling. He bowls a short ball around middle, Afridi is uncomfortable as he attempts to fend it away but it goes off his gloves towards Dean Elgar at silly point. He takes it. South Africa start walking back to the dugout but then realize that the finger has not gone up and then look back towards the umpire. Aleem Dar raises the finger then. PAKISTAN BOWLED OUT ON 272.

Right then. Relatively few would have given the South Africans a chance in this game but they have indicated their flexibility and have done well to push this Test right till the end. They need 243 runs to win this game and they will be glad that they have 9 wickets to play with. There are 98 overs scheduled for Day 5 and Pakistan will believe that an early breakthrough will push the visitors on the back foot and get them right back in the game. So join us for Day 5 at 10.15 am IST for a very engaging day of cricket. Up to that point, cheers and farewell! 

With the bat in hand, they started off determinedly before Elgar was enticed into a drive and lost his wicket in that interaction. Then, came the rebuilding position which was done so well by Markram and van der Dussen. They stitched a 94-run stand and ensured that they end the day on a high. The fact that they didn't play a lot of free strokes and still heaped on the runs, says a lot. 

South Africa may have not started the day off that well but the finish of Day 4, was all them. With the ball, their heads appeared to have dropped as they didn't have answers to what Rizwan and Nauman Ali were doing, but some great work towards the end by Linde, who grabbed a fifer, saw them wrap up the Pakistani innings. 

However, they will be disappointed with how they fared with the ball. Shaheen did well to eliminate Elgar not long before the Tea break but they didn't have a lot of progress after that point. All of their bowlers continued knocking on the entryway but the team of Markram and van der Dussen didn't allow a sneak in. A superior show is what they will anticipate coming into the final day of the Test. 

For Pakistan, it was all about Mohammad Rizwan. He was ablaze with the bat and also ensured that he scored his maiden Test century during the time spent helping Pakistan amass a huge lead. Nauman Ali too was so near reaching his half-century but he lost his wicket very near that mark. Their work with the bat was very aggressive and they were looking to add a lot of runs, making sure that the lead is a huge one for the South Africans to scale. They finished with 298 on the board and had a huge lead of 369 runs at the finish of their batting inning. 

What a wonderful, gripping day of Test cricket we have seen. At one point, it seemed as though Pakistan were in the driving seat but some great batting by the team of Aiden Markram and Rassie van der Dussen has seen the Proteas end Day 4 with a conviction that they can return out on Day 5 and make an honest effort to win this game. They have stitched a 94-run stand and have ensured that the Saffas have no more casualties ending Day 4.