Bangladesh vs Afghanistan, cricket Live streaming

Bangladesh vs Afghanistan, cricket Live streaming World Cup, 2019 Match 31, Southampton bangladesh vs afghanistan, star sports live, live cricket streaming, live cricket match watch online

Bangladesh vs Afghanistan, cricket Live streaming
ICC World Cup 2019 BAN VS AFG Live: Bangladesh vs Afghanistan When and Where to Watch Live streaming

Bangladesh vs Afghanistan, cricket Live streaming

bangladesh vs afghanistan  match Bangladesh batting 262/7 (50.0) 200 (47.0) afghanistan afghanistan

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Bangladesh beat Afghanistan by 62 runs

mustafizur Rahman to Rashid Khan 

OUT! Another one bites the dust! Just as my colleague says that the Bubble is running out of Bubble, he strikes. Mustafizur bowls it short and on middle, Rashid looks to pull. The ball hurries onto him, it hits the higher portion of the bat and lobs to the man at short mid-wicket. Mashrafe takes a dolly. Bangladesh two wickets away now. 

42.4 Shakib Al Hasan to Najibullah Zadran 

OUT! STUMPED! Any guesses who provides the breakthrough when Bangladesh needed one? There could be only one man at the moment, Shakib Al Hasan. What can this person not do right now? Brilliant with the bat and now a match-winning spell. He gets his fifer. His second in ODIs. Astute bowling! He sees Zadran descend the track and fires it outside off. NZ swings but is beaten by pace. Rahim makes no mistake behind. A good partnership comes to an end, this stand surely got Bangladesh stressed a little.

Mehedi Hasan to Samiullah Shinwari 

OUT! Ikram is short! Poor, poor running by him. This is a big mistake. He has literally thrown away a chance to spend some time out in the middle. Hasan bowls this one on middle, Shinwari looks to flick but misses to get hit on the pads. The bowler is appealing as the ball rolls on the leg side. The umpire shakes his head and Ikram in the meantime sets off for a run. Shinwari is not interested. Das picks the ball up from mid-wicket, turns and then fires it at the bowler's end. It looks like Ikram lazily tries to get in. The ball hits the stumps and an appeal follows. The umpire takes it upstairs. 

32.2  Shakib Al Hasan to Asghar Afghan 

OUT! Afghan holes out! He needed to go for it, he went against the turn and picks the fielder out. Shakib has his fourth. He tosses it up outside off. Afghan looks to play the slog sweep. He does not hit it that well and it goes down the throat of Sabbir Rahman, the sub at profound mid-wicket. Half the side is back in the hut for Afghanistan and chasing this total now seems very difficult. 146 needed in 106

Naib may be suffering from cramps! The physio is out and some stretching is going on. In the meantime, the umpires have called for DRINKS! Afghanistan are going at a steady rate but would want to step up. They have lost just one wicket and would want this partnership going. On the other hand, Bangladesh have kept it tight and would want brisk wickets to put pressure on Afghanistan. Afghanistan need 203 runs in 204 balls to win the match.

DRINKS! It is becoming tough for Afghanistan and they would want both Samiullah Shinwari and Ikram Ali Khil to stay till the end. The required rate is creeping up and they need many big overs. On the other hand, Bangladesh need just 5 wickets to win the match. They have kept it very tight till now. Afghanistan need 131 runs in 90 balls to win the match. Also, this is an extended Drinks Break as the Zing bails are not working and the umpires are waiting for the other ones to turn out.

Shakib Al Hasan to Mohammad Nabi 

OUT! TIMBER! Nabi is out of here for a duck! Shakib gets two in three balls. Afghanistan in immense trouble now. The slider does the trick this time. Shakib bowls it from wide of the crease and this starts from outside off, it drifts back in. Nabi plays outside the line, the ball kisses the inside edge and deflects onto the stumps. The group here is going bonkers. 

28.1 Shakib Al Hasan to Gulbadin Naib 

OUT! No fifty for Gulbadin! Excellent catch even more impressive field placement! Also, Shakib bowls to that plan. He has a short cover and a normal cover in place. He gives it extra flight tempting the batsman to drive. Naib does get tempted, he looks to drive but does not hold it down. Das at short cover is low and ready for it and then takes a sharp chance. Naib probably falls at the wrong time for Afghanistan. He was set and they required him to step on the gas, he was looking to do so but falls before he could make an impact. Bangladesh continue to tighten their hold on the game.

Shakib Al Hasan to Rahmat Shah 

OUT! In the air... caught! Shakib strikes straightaway and provides the truly necessary breakthrough. This is slightly shorter but faster. Rahmat goes back and looks to pull but the ball hurries onto him. A top edge is induced which lobs towards mid on. Tamim takes a good catch running backwards. Shah walks back after getting off to a start. This is a good wicket as Rahmat is one of Afghanistan's best batters. 214 required in 235 balls.

Gulbadin Naib to Mosaddek Hossain 

OUT! BOWLED! Perfect delivery to end the innings. This is at the base of the stumps, Mosaddek looks to uncover it but misses and the ball hits the timber. BANGLADESH END ON 262/7! 

48.3 Dawlat Zadran to Mushfiqur Rahim 

OUT! Caught! Rahim departs now. He gets a standing ovation from the group. It has been a wonderful knock. Full and outside off, Rahim backs and looks to go inside out but mistimes it because of the slowness of the delivery. The ball goes off the outside edge, high in the air but lands safely (from Afghanistan's point of view) in Mohammad Nabi's hands at extra cover. Well played, Rahim. This total should be sufficient for a win. bangladesh vs Afghanistan 1st Inning Full live score

42.6 Gulbadin Naib to Mahmudullah 

OUT! Caught! Big, big breakthrough by and for the skipper. A short ball, slower in pace, Mahmudullah looks to maneuver but is early into the shot. Mistimes it and the ball limps towards short mid-wicket where Nabi completes the formalities. End of the 56-run association. 

31.6 Mujeeb Ur Rahman to Soumya Sarkar 

OUT! LBW! Umpire's call it is! Mujeeb gets his third. Another carrom ball, pitched outside off, Sarkar hoped to work it to the leg side but missed. The ball came in with the angle and spun in, hitting him on the pads. Mujeeb appealed, umpire Kettleborough thought for a while and then raised his finger! Soumya was not sure, walked across to Rahim and then chose to go for the audit. Perhaps Rahim felt that the ball was sliding down. Here comes the technology. No inside edge and the ball is projected to be going down, but after clipping the leg stump. Sarkar has to go and Bangladesh are in a little bit of bother here. bangladesh vs afghanistan, live cricket streaming

29.2 Mujeeb Ur Rahman to Shakib Al Hasan 

OUT! Up goes the finger and Shakib is LBW! He does not audit this time because he was only half-forward. The bowling change has done something amazing! This is bowled flatter and it is the carrom ball. Pitches and turns back in. Shakib looks to shield but misses. It hits the front pad. An appeal and the umpire rules it in the favor of the bowler. He walks straightaway as he knew he was a goner. Afghanistan will presently trust this opens the floodgates. Bangladesh are well placed though courtesy this stand. Ball Tracker shows that it is crashing into the leg stump. Afghanistan vs Bangladesh Live Score, Match 31, ICC Cricket...

16.6 Mohammad Nabi to Tamim Iqbal 

OUT! BOWLED 'EM! Nabi strikes! Breaks the stand that was starting to flourish! Also, this is a big, big wicket. The arm ball does the trick for Nabi. He lands it on off and it comes back in with the angle. Tamim goes back and looks to push it through the off side. He misses and the ball hits the off shaft. Tamim walks back after getting off to a start. Is this the opening Afghanistan wanted? 

4.2 Mujeeb Ur Rahman to Liton Das 

OUT! Caught! The third umpire feels there is not a lot of proof to overturn the on-field call and he rules it in the favor of the fielding side. Mujeeb strikes! Afghanistan get a wicket early. Bangladesh's ploy to change the opening pair has not worked. A soft dismissal. It is a gentle delivery from Mujeeb as he floats it up on off, just behind a driving length. Das goes for the drive but ends up hitting it uppishly towards cover. Shahidi there seems to have taken it inches above the ground. Das is waiting though. The umpire takes it upstairs. The SOFT SIGNAL IS OUT! A few replays show it is clean but a considerably more zoomed in angle shows it may have been grassed. The umpire does not have any conclusive proof and hence, stays with the on-field call.