cricket news india ipl first Match Cricket Scores

cricket news india ipl first Match Cricket Scores

cricket news india ipl first Match  Cricket Scores

cricket news india ipl first Match Cricket Scores

See you! 

Along these lines, that is it from this game! What a humdinger to begin this year's tournament. We can anticipate another cracker on Saturday, tenth of April as it is Chennai taking on Delhi and that game will be played in Mumbai at 1930 IST. Do join us for the same. Till then, take care and goodbye!  Read More news ipl

Harshal Patel - Man of the Match 

Patel says that he is happy coming back to Bangalore and he has been working on bowling at the death and he is happy with the faith that he has been appeared. Informs that he did not realize that he was the first bowler to take a 5-fer against Mumbai and this feels special and knowing that it comes against a team like Mumbai made it considerably more better. Says that he has been working more on his yorker at various stages of the game and he wants to take more responsibility. 

Excessively V speaks... 

Virat Kohli says it was important to play against the strongest side of the competition and to test yourself against them was important. States it was important for everyone to get game time and it was an extremely convincing win. Adds that the pitch looked fair, it got slower as the ball got more established and it is about picking your gaps here. Adds that Harshal was brilliant and his spell was the distinction and he is going to be the designated death bowler. States everyone adhered to their plans, the wickets Harshal got weren't accident wickets and he was certain what he wanted to do. Informs they wanted Maxwell to bat at 4, assuming they get a partnership, he can come and do what he progresses admirably and his innings was the energy changer and had he stayed in, it would have finished earlier and the profundity they have, functioned admirably for them today. States that AB is the most versatile player on their side and it is him who could do what other individuals would have discovered troublesome on this wicket. Read More IPL CRICKET MATCH SCHEDUL

Contemplations, Rohit? 

Rohit Sharma says that winning the championship is important, rather than winning the first game but feels that this was a good effort and feels that they were 20-runs short there and it is the first game, and they made a few mistakes but they will proceed onward from the mistakes. Says that Jansen is a talent, who can bowl in any situation and they went with Bumrah and Boult back-to-back, looking at the game when the last 4 overs were remaining. States that the ball was gripping and it was difficult to bat here and they need to zero in on the variations going forward and praises de Villiers for his thump. Feels that there are a couple of new faces in the team and they have not had too much time as a gathering but feels that this was just the first game and it will become easier as and when the tournament advances. On not having home advantages, he says that it tends to be troublesome, especially for teams that have good home records but feels that they are fortunate to play cricket and set up favors the faces of individuals in India 

Story of the first innings! 

Earlier in the day, Mumbai faltered towards the end, after getting a good start, as they continued losing wickets in heaps and only wound up with 159. They would feel that they ought to have had around 20 more rushes to their name, based on the start that they got. With the ball, it was all about Harshal Patel, as he grabbed a 5-fer to his name, while the other bowlers upheld him well earlier. In the end, Patel was instrumental with the ball and also hit the winning run, to see Bangalore start the season off with a win 

AB de Villiers speaks now... 

AB says that it was an incredible game of cricket and it is always a good game against them and it was a tough one and it was anything but an easy pitch to play on. Praises their bowling lineup, who put a ton of focus on them. Feels that it was an easy two but the toss by Krunal was right on target. Says that it is an absolute pleasure playing with Maxwell and it is good to have someone like that to play with. States that a win against Mumbai is a good morale sponsor and they are a good cricket team and this win gives them a great deal of confidence. Closures by saying that they won't get too energized but this win was good

Back again! 

The first one is always the special one. Be it your first day of school, first job, first salary, the first blessing that you would have purchased for your adored one, your first love too. And along these lines, when we utilize this context and compare it to sports, the first game of any new season or tournament is the same. There is always fervor looming from both the fans and also the players themselves. Keeping that in mind, we are here and we are ready to see the two heavyweights of Indian Cricket - Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli kick off the fourteenth edition of the Indian T20 League. On that note, hi and a warm welcome to one and all to the season opener. 

__ Match Day __ 

What's in store? 

Notably, neither Bangalore nor Mumbai have done well in the season opener of any editions. Kohli's team is yet to win in this scenario whereas Mumbai last won the opening match of the League in 2012. Having said that, Mumbai have the advantage in the head-to-head battle against Bangalore and can be considered as the favorites to end this dry spell of not winning the tournament opener. Anticipate that a cracking contest should commence the fourteenth season. 

Somewhat light on spin! 

There's always an extent of progress for each team and in Mumbai's case, it's with the spin department. Their first five games this season are in Chennai, a scene known to aid spinners. The 5-time champions have Krunal Pandya and Rahul Chahar but the former is more of a prohibitive option while the latter is as yet learning the subtle strategies. They did purchase Piyush Chawla in the auction and he also has a lot of involvement of playing in Chennai but to fit him in the XI may disturb the playing combination. All in all, this department is appearing to be the weak link for them right now. 

Bowling bonanza! 

Although the facts confirm that batting wins you matches in this format, the role of the bowlers cannot be undermined. Mumbai's success, especially in the last edition, was not just because of their batsmen but their bowlers also did a tremendous job. Barring James Pattinson, the core remains the same and once again the defending champions are in possession of a lethal bowling attack. In Jasprit Bumrah and Trent Boult, they have two of the finest pace bowlers in this format and the inclusion of Adam Milne and Nathan Coulter-Nile, who was released and purchased again in the auction, adds more firepower to their bowling arsenal. 

Unstable pairing! 

For a team packed with power-hitters, Hardik Pandya and Kieron Pollard are two standout individuals who have often given Mumbai that extra push in the death overs. Last season, they were in top gear and we saw some insane hitting from this pair. Their quality in the center request offers extra cushion to the top request to communicate more uninhibitedly. And with regards to facing Bangalore, both Hardik and Kieron have shown special affinity as they feature in the top five for the best average against the Red Brigade with the lesser Pandya topping the list. 

Batting domination in 2020! 

Best batting stats for teams in the 2020 Indian T20 League - 


Average - 35.7, Strike rate - 145.9, 50+ scores - 17 


Average - 31.3, Strike rate - 126.8, 50+ scores - 12 


Average - 31.1, Strike rate - 135.6, 50+ scores - 16 


Average - 28.2, Strike rate - 128.9, 50+ scores - 17 

Mumbai's powerhouse of batting! 

The word 'reliance' is not in the dictionary of Mumbai and that's the hallmark of a champion team. In the event that Quinton won't get you, Rohit will. In the event that Kishan won't get you, SKY will. On the off chance that Pandya brothers won't harm you, Kieron Pollard will. They are loaded with match-winners in their batting ranks and that separates them from the rest. With their eyes set on title number 6, their batting powerhouse will have to play a massive role yet again. 

Recuperated Devdutt joined Bangalore's air pocket! 

The stylish left-handed batsman and the future India prospect has recuperated well after testing positive for Coronavirus and has joined the team. Without a doubt, he will be available for selection and Bangalore would be hoping to benefit from his new scorching form. Here are a couple stats related to him... 

Devdutt was the most noteworthy run-scorer for Bangalore in the last season 

Was only the second uncapped player in League's history to score more than 400 runs in his debut season 

Padikkal was the second-most noteworthy run-getter in the as of late concluded Vijay Hazare Prize 2021 (737 runs) 

Became the first Indian batsman to record four consecutive hundreds of years in List A cricket 

Reliance on Virat Kohli! 

As always, Bangalore will be relying heavily on Virat Kohli. Obviously there are any semblance of Devdutt Padikkal and AB de Villiers but the former is recovering after testing positive for Coronavirus while the latter is not playing cricket regularly and could be corroded. So King Kohli, who also will have the additional responsibility of opening, would hope to bring his A game in the season opener. 

The Bangalore captain has encountered a dunk in form of late, by his standards, as the wait for his next international century has got extended longer than anticipated. Such is his class that any score under hundred seems as though a failure and you never know, he may very well break that dry season in this game. Having said that, his numbers against Mumbai in the League are worrying 

Death bowling misfortunes! 

While playing the Yahoo! Daily Test, there was a question - Which team has conceded the most number of runs in overs 17-20 in the Indian T20 League? And it reminded us about Bangalore's perennial issue, for example death bowling. With Morris not, at this point a part of their bowling unit, the expectations are high from Jamieson, Saini and Christian but their present form is not offering a lot of promise. Kane Richardson is also there in the bowling blend but to fit him in the XI, keeping in mind as far as possible, would be a tough task. 

Not promising numbers! 

Jamieson's bowling in various phases across T20s in 2020-21 season - 

Powerplay (1-6) 

Avg - 51.7, SR - 38.0 , Econ - 8.3, Dot% - 58.8 

Center (7-16) 

Avg - 40.8, SR - 29.3, Econ - 8.5, Dot% - 42.7 

Death (17-20) 

Avg - 52.0, SR - 23.0 , Econ - 13.6, Dot% - 26.1 

In Jamieson, Bangalore believe, but... 

Kyle Jamieson is a giant of a bowler. His enormous frame will most likely give anyone a feeling of assurance. After letting go of Chris Morris, Bangalore required someone to fill his boots with similar all-round talent and they tracked down that in the Kiwi. In the event that you check his credentials, Kyle has achieved amazing statures in Test cricket in a brief timeframe but remains untested in the most limited format. Since bagging an enormous contract, the youngster has felt the pressing factor and his performance is on the decline as we witnessed during the series against Australia and Bangladesh. Will that go against Bangalore? 

No show, Large Show! 

Batting average of Glenn Maxwell in the League across years (Min. 10 matches) - 

In 2014 - 34.5 (SR: 187.8) 

In 2015 - 13.2 (SR: 129.5) 

In 2016 - 19.9 (SR: 144.4) 

In 2017 - 31.0 (SR: 173.2) 

In 2018 - 14.1 (SR: 140.8) 

In 2020 - 15.4 (SR: 101.9) 

Maxwell, the blue-peered toward kid! 

There is some aura about Glenn Maxwell. Notwithstanding being inconsistent and also flopping miserably in the last edition, he was in large demand. Four franchises wanted him dearly. Kolkata and Rajasthan showed initial interest, thinking Maxy won't be on the radar of many but then Chennai and Bangalore entered the fray and after an enormous bidding war, Bangalore got him for a whopping amount of 14.25 cr INR. The question however arises - Is he worth that amount? 

There's no uncertainty about his potential but to be honest, Maxwell has dragged his League career more on promise than performance. In the event that we take a gander at his stats in the Indian T20 League, it wears an extremely sorry look. To invest so enormous in a player who has only performed to his potential in just two editions and didn't hit even a single six in the last term, it would seem that a massive gamble. 

The Auction Market! 

Everything related to this League is a starry affair, even the auctions. Well advertised up and advertised. To be honest, Mumbai only expected to do 'option shopping' as their squad was already well-polished and stable. All things considered, they grabbed a couple of players from the market, notable ones being Adam Milne, James Neesham, Piyush Chawla, Nathan Coulter-Nile and Arjun Tendulkar. 

With Bangalore, it was a finished contrast. Regardless of having one of their best seasons in 2020, they exhausted themselves and went shopping with a greater financial plan. They burned up all available resources to get the administrations of Glenn Maxwell and went ahead to spend much more for Kyle Jamieson. In total, there were 8 purchases and apart from the above mentioned names, Daniel Christian was another international inclusion purchased in the expectation of probably being the like-for-like replacement for Chris Morris 

Hitman versus Very V! 

Sounds like two superheroes of a comic book. Set up them on one side and it would be a blockbuster Indian team and set them in opposition to each other and it would give you a thrilling vibe of a Batman versus Superman film. In all this, one thing is constant - Entertainment! 

Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli! Two of the most important names in cricket right now will be crossing swords in the first match of the 2021 edition. Often there have been debates regarding, who's the better captain and also, should Rohit be leading the national team in the more limited formats? 

That partitions the fanbase of both and also the opinions of pundits. On the off chance that winning prizes in this League is the criteria, there are no ifs ands or buts - Rohit is the most successful captain and you can say better than Virat. Having said that, Kohli hasn't done drastically bad to be eliminated from the captaincy of India in more limited formats either. It's just a classic case of being ruined for decision and even a